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You can contact us on our phone number " 403-827-8343 "


1. Renter contact will assume responsibility for rented equipment FOB Calgary. It is the responsibility of the renter contact to arrange and pay for shipping return FOB Calgary.

2. Renter contact will deposit 25% of estimated rental cost as security on each item rented. Security deposit will be held until return of equipment and will be applied to rental costs with refund/additional costs applied based on actual rental costs.

3. Renter contact assumes all responsibility and liability for correct and safe operation of equipment and any damage to equipment due to misuse or improper application. Some rental equipment is dangerous and potentially lethal if used incorrectly. TechCan Rentals assumes no responsibility or liability for harm to personnel or assets damaged in the use of equipment regardless of conditions or circumstances.

4. Renter will pay for any repairs or damage to rental equipment not considered normal "wear and tear" while in possession of rental equipment. Should repairs be warranted upon return of equipment to CanTech Rentals by inspection or test operation a report will be sent to renter contact within 48 hours. Upon completion of repairs a detailed bill with repair labour and parts will be submitted to renter contact. Repair costs will be billed at cost plus 10% and will be separate from rental costs.

5. Should rental equipment fail to operate as described CanTech Rentals will arrange for replacement or repairs as soon as possible. Should CanTech Rentals not be able to affect suitable recourse to the customer deposit and shipping costs will be refunded.


Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We work closely with our customers to provide them with custom rental solutions to fit their testing needs.
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